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Our Travels

Did you know that we are waiving travel fees for our 2020 couples? That’s right. If you’re thinking about doing a destination wedding, a destination proposal, a destination engagement session, there are no extra fees for you no matter where in the world you would like to do it. As long as our schedule work, we will be there for you!

We realize fully that our decision to not include travel fees in our packages is controversial at the very least, but we wanted to make dreams of having destination weddings and beautiful photos a reality for those who otherwise are worried about the hassles of flying vendors out. We’ve made this page to show you where we are going next; we’ll be updating this page monthly, so stay tuned for future updates!

Yellowstone + Grand Teton National Park

July 2019

Michelle is a big fan of National Parks, and we bought an annual pass last year so we are maximizing our pass by visiting 2 more parks this year.


August 2019

Our annual visit to Indonesia is due. Meet us in Jakarta, or fly with us to Bali. As you all know, Bali is our favorite place on earth and we will always make time for a short visit!

Eastern Europe

November 2019

Tickets are not booked yet though we’re hoping to get around to it soon.. but think Christmas markets and the winter wonderland that exists only in our dreams. Prague, Budapest, Vienna, it’s a dream come true.