Life in Motion

K + J

I met Jonathan and Kayleigh through Rock City Church, where we served together in the music ministry. Kayleigh is an AMAZING singer and worship leader, and Jonathan can play both the guitar and drums. I was first attracted to Kayleigh because she has a serious case of infectious laughs. Seriously. When she laughs you feel like you want to laugh with her even when nothing funny is happening. Jonathan was also one of the friendliest people on the team. Kayleigh and Jonathan were the first ones to greet me and sit down with me when I was the new-kid-on-the-block. 

As I got to know them better, I started learning about their relationship I am continually inspired. Kayleigh and Jonathan are always able to make the best out of every situation; they never let bad days affect them. We had lots of challenges in making this shoot happen, but even during the most panic-filled moments we were still able to laugh together. We made such great memories together! I'm glad that our paths crossed and I'm sad that we won't be in the same city together anymore, but as Kayleigh sai: "we're still young, our paths will cross again". 

I love you both <3 - MS