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How to be the Best Bridal Party in The World

Planning a wedding is already stressful enough, add to that all the drama and family expectations and you might find yourself wishing you had just done an elopement instead with no guest invited at all. This is why the Bridal Party’s role is crucial during a wedding. The honor of standing by your best friend (whether he/she is your actual friend or is a family member) comes with a HUGE responsibility! Have you been asked to be a part of a Bridal Party? Are you a first-timer?Are you scratching your head and wondering how you can help? Do you feel helpless at times and unsure of where to start? I am here to help!

I gathered some tips and tricks below from my own experience of being a bride. I also got some insights from my dearest friend Iris Cao (who gave me the privilege of being her bridesmaid), and additional feedback from my very own bridesmaids (Sreya and Prarena! Thanks ladies!).


Before The Wedding (Like waaaaay before)

  1. Be Understanding

    Take the time to understand the couple’s needs and vision for the wedding and the planning process. Work with your couple’s planning style (are they more spontaneous? are they checklist planners?) and try to adjust accordingly.

  2. Be Proactive

    Check in with the couple, not only on tasks but also on their emotions! Be available for them in case they just need to rant about how expensive their wedding photographer is (Ha!). Ask them what they still need finished, but don’t ask them last minute. Asking them what they need a couple days before the wedding will create more harm than good. At that point, the couple are at their highest planning intensity and have little patience to deal with the delegation of tasks. Try asking a month ahead of time - they will appreciate your proactive-ness.


During The Wedding & After

  1. Be their social media manager

    During our wedding, Sean and I wanted to try be present for our guests who flew from all over the world to see us, but at the same time we also wanted to have raw footage on our phone/social media. This is where the bridal party can come in - offer to take the bride/groom’s phones from them and offer to Instastory or take pictures of them while they enjoy interacting with guests and family members

  2. Use their hashtag and tag them on pictures

    So your couple doesn’t feel left out of the party that they are hosting, and so that they can always look back on their most special night

  3. Send them pictures you have stored on your phone without them having to ask for it

    Seriously. This means one less thing to do after the wedding! They will greatly appreciate it.

  4. Make sure you know the wedding day schedule

    Memorize it. Screenshot it. Whatever you gotta do to refrain from asking the couple about what is next or where to go. It would be extra helpful if you also keep time from them and remind them when they need to go to their next thing

  5. Help them steam their tuxedo/dress/robe the night before!

    Don’t do it the morning of the wedding - you don’t want to be stressed out on the wedding day, there’s already so much that you need to take care of.

From the feedback I’ve gathered, it seems like there are uncontrollable factors that can prevent the Bridal Party from helping out. The uncontrollable-s include: unfamiliarity with the venue or location (if you’re doing a destination wedding), the awkwardness of not knowing the other members of the bridal party, barriers of language between the Bridal Party and the guests, etc. Despite these factors, I would still encourage you to offer help anyway. At the very least, your couple will know that you are there for them and am willing to support however needed, and that is more than enough.

Last but not least, enjoy the wedding day, cry with your couple, laugh with your couple, raise a glass and celebrate the heck out of their day. There are few moments in life that will be as fleeting as a wedding day. I hope my tips are helpful to you and can help you foster a drama-free wedding. If you have any other additional tips, feel free to write in the comments section below!!