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The People Who Keep You Sane

A couple weeks ago, Sean and I got married. First of all I just want to say that our wedding day was the best day of my life. Seriously. For so many reasons. But I think I've established that enough through my Instagram posts LOL This post is dedicated to appreciate the people who have supported us through the process and have made this wedding happen. 

First and foremost, we are of course so so grateful to our parents who have been there since day one of our lives (literally). Our parents have been so gracious during this planning process, we had a lot of freedom to do the things that our hearts most desired with their blessings. I know a lot of friends who couldn't do an intimate destination wedding because their parents preferred a bigger wedding instead (yes, Indonesians like extravagant and large weddings). We knew from the beginning that we only wanted to invite our closest friends and family members, and we completely achieved our goal!

Next in line, our bridal party! I had such a difficult time choosing my bridesmaids because I have more than just 5-6 girls that I consider my good friends. Unlike other girls I don't have just one "best"friend. I have multiple good friends whom I love equally. I've moved so much in my life and I've been blessed and fortunate enough to have a support system in all sorts of different cities and countries. These girls are just a small part of the many girls that have shaped me to become the person I am today. Regardless I am SO so thankful for these girls, for keeping me sane during the wedding day, and for listening to my never-ending rattle about wedding related topics all year long. We all live in different countries now (US, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan to be exact), so having them all in one place is like a dream come true! 

Sean's groomsmen are even more unique because you can find guys of all ages and all sorts of different phases of life in that group. Thankfully these guys are only spread between Indonesia and the US so there's less complications there.. LOL. But I'm amazed that these guys even want to be friends with Sean. Like seriously, after all those corny pun jokes? And you still wanted to stand beside him on his wedding day? HA. Just kidding. These guys were so much fun (as evident by the bra photos) and our party would be a lot more boring without them!

With that said, we just want to say that your bridal party can be as weird as you want them to be, they can come from different life phases, and they don't even have to know each other (LOL). When I started wedding planning I had this idea that my bridal party needed to come from one group of friends, the kind of girl friends that they show in movies like Sex in the city, you know? Unfortunately I don't have that kind of "normal" friendship. Oftentimes my friendship looks like a skype session instead of brunch together on a Sunday. But that's okay. Figure out what's best for your situation. Don't worry about what you're "supposed" to do. You get a free ticket on your wedding day to do the things that your heart wants to do. 

Finally, my lovely friends, we can't thank you guys enough, for flying from all sorts of different places just to be by our side. We don't often see each other because of distance but we hope you guys know that we're always thinking about you guys, and praying for your future soulmates. We also just wanted to let you know that we are saving up to fly to your weddings, and we will invite ourselves even if we aren't formally invited, no need for an invitation. <3 

Much love,

Sean and Michelle Tan

The Bridal Party

Best Man : Niko Questera

Groomsmen : Winston Njomin, Tommy Buntoro, Rafael Reyes, Allan Wattimena

Maid of Honor : Sreya Raon

Bridesmaids : Caroline Sanchie, Naomi Humara, Melissa Tjendana, Prarena Chailaivanickul

Photo Credits : Adi and Emmanuel of Axioo.