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The Two Types of Honeymoons

Sean and I decided that we wanted to go to Japan for our honeymoon. Many of our friends warned us that Japan's summer weather can be unbearable to walk in, but we went anyway because that was the only vacation time we had. I couldn't believe how humid it was when we got there, we were literally dripping with sweat (lol). Regardless, if you know me well enough you would know that no weather condition can stop me from going places. 

Now, this definitely isn't your typical honeymoon. I dont even know if we can call it a honeymoon. We were tired to death everyday and our feets hurt like crazy from walking so much. I'm pretty sure we walk at least 6-7 KMs per day (thats about 4 miles), only stopping when we need to get a drink or eat. We didn't have a lot of idle time where we could sit around and relax because we felt like we needed to maximize the 6 days that we had in Japan. This is the first honeymoon type. Its the travel intensive kind of honeymoon. 

The second type of honeymoon is the one where you find a remote island, maybe somewhere in Maldives, away from the crowd, in a hotel where you don't even get phone signals, and you basically just spend your time being the laziest person in the world together with your new husband/wife.

I think these two types of honeymoons each have its own unique characteristics, and you definitely can't go wrong with both. Either way, you're spending time with the person you love and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, knowing me again.. you know that good pictures are a must. The problem is we can't really take pictures of ourselves, obviously. So we hired Sweet Escape, who matched us with a local photographer. Our photographer was Keiko (@wacamera); she took us around the Gion area, which is the area in Kyoto that is most traditional. She pointed out that this day was the Tanabata festival day (07.07.17), or also known as the Star Festival. The legend goes that two lovers were separated (supposedly the stars Vega and Altair) by the milky way and were only allowed to meet once on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

The little hanging decorations (as seen on the right) are a signature for the festival, people write wishes and poetry on pieces of paper (Tanzaku) and hang them on bamboo. I'm glad we got to celebrate our honeymoon with such a romantic festival in the middle of it. I'm also glad that we survived the humid weather and didn't pass out in the middle. Sean was such a good sport; I know that Sean hates the hot weather a lot more than I do, yet he didn't really complain at all. Good job babe! :) It was a trip to remember for sure. Stay tuned for our next post about our Japan trip!


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