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Kim Wu Portrait Session

I first met Kim through a mutual friend. Kim has all the qualities that every girl dreams to have - she's sociable, friendly, she is Taiwanese but born and raised in South Africa - thus the British accent (yeah, I know you're jealous. I am too.). Not to mention her awesome sense of fashion! What else could you ask for? Other than those things, Kim is mighty famous for her Disney-like drawings (they're aaaaamaaaazinggggg!! Check out her Facebook page here or her instagram @kimothywu_artworks). Kim inspires me so much. She reminds me of the importance of doing what you love, and doing it with purpose and for a purpose. Kim always says "everything I do must be meaningful", and I think I often forget that. Sometimes I do things out of obligation, out of pressure, out of my pursue of "success". But Kim knows that when you do something without passion you will soon run dry. 

I'm so glad I got to met this girl, even though our time together was really short. I know that she will continue to do amazing things in the future! 

On a side note.. I didn't realize how hard it was to do a studio shoot with natural lighting only. Thank you to the Sun for providing us with all the light we need to achieve these pictures :) 

Thank you Zurie Coworking for creating a beautiful space!

Kim drew this beautiful picture of me and Sean. Just swooning over the details!

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