Life in Motion

Teddy + Cherry

I met Teddy and Cherry through Sweet Escape (check them out if you don't know what they're about!). Teddy and Cherry flew all the way from Jakarta for Lollapalooza. Such dedication! They're a very relaxed couple and they knew exactly what they wanted out of the shoot. I love clients who know what they want! I think some photographers love the freedom of choosing and directing everything, but that actually stresses me out. The pictures won't be my memories, so I would rather have my clients choose what they want to do. 

Everything about Teddy and Cherry screams vintage, so I experimented a little bit with my editing, embracing the cooler tones some grainy film touch. That day was supposed to be rainy but we got lucky because the sky cleared up just as we arrived at Navy Pier.

This is my first official shoot at Chicago, and I can't wait for the next ones to come! Thank you Teddy and Cherry for being such a cool couple and for giving me a chance to capture your vacation in Chicago :) 


Michelle SanchieComment