Life in Motion

My Parents Can Predict The Future

Today is my 2 week mark of living in Chicago. Moving has been tough, resetting friendships has been challenging, and finding ways to get to the nearest supermarket has been interesting to say the least. I spent the majority of my weekdays at home, thus I had lots of time to reflect and think things through. 

Lately I have been feeling like all the things my parents used to say are becoming a reality. When I was younger I used to think that I am the exception to every rule, and that I won’t be like the adults around me. As I grow older I realized that every clueless kid thinks like that. These days some of my parents’ sayings kept coming back to me; sometimes triggered by series of unfortunate events or circumstances, or sometimes by moments of rare silence that I get to enjoy alone. Have you heard of these phrases from your parents before?

1.     “Life is not fair and it is only going to get tougher”

I thought High School was hard. I finished High School with a huge sigh of relief and an expectation that the worst is over. I was wrong. College was even harder. There were way more decisions that needed to be made.. like going to class versus sleeping in (note that this was not a choice in high school. Attending class was a given and I didn’t even have the guts to think about skipping a class to sleep in). I also learned from college that life is not fair – because sometimes even when you study for weeks and weeks and weeks, it’s still amazingly possible to fail a college exam.

2.     “Growing up is not as fun as you think it is”

It’s really not. What happened to being able to ask for money when we needed it? What happened to not having to think about what to cook everyday? Every year I add to my life signals another year of maturity that I must add to my character.

3.     “You will begin to grow apart from your friends”

This one used to really bother me. I used to ask my parents, out of the hundreds of friends that you have crossed paths with, why do you only have a couple of close friends now? And some of them are work friends too. Where did  your high school friends go? Where did your middle school friends go? Why don’t you keep in touch with them? It must be noted that we live in an era with technology, where it’s easy to shoot a Whatsapp message to your friends across the globe. Our parents lived in the era of bird mail, for pete’s sake. They had to wait months to receive a reply to a simple question like “how are you?”. Yet even with the ease of technology, it’s still hard to keep in touch with friends that we have parted ways with for so long

4.     One day midday naps (We call it bobo siang in Bahasa) will become precious to you

Oh my lawwwrdddd. I hate admitting that my parents were right! I feel like all I want to do now is sleep. When I study I want to sleep. When I work out I think about sleeping right after. Finding time to sleep is like finding GOLD!

5.     You’ll never stop learning, and even if you can, you shouldn’t.

The thought of studying all my life scares the bananas out of me. I hate studying with a passion. But the thought of losing brain cells and beginning to slowly deteriorate from age and dementia scares me even more. Therefore I shall keep studying. Even if that comes in the form of doing crossword puzzles every morning like what my grandma used to do.

My parents were right all along. Of course they were. Maybe at one point of their lives they were in my position too; looking at the life ahead of them while thinking that their parents were right. I can’t wait to tell my future children that I will continue to be able to predict the future – sort of like a sidekick? Their predictions are definitely more accurate than the weather man’s predictions. It’s been a fun journey of discovery thus far, I can’t wait to see what else life can throw at me.