Life in Motion

You Are My Sunshein

First of all, I found out that Kyle's last name is Sunshein (read it like Sunshine) and I got REALLY excited. I mean, how awesome is his last name?! I met Kyle and Stephanie through an Instagram contest with The Blowout Bar a couple months ago, and I'm so glad that they won the contest! Kyle and Stephanie are incredibly adorable - they met while they were students at OSU.  Kyle and Stephanie used to study at Orton Hall (which is one of the oldest buildings in Ohio State I believe), so we went there first to get a couple of shots outside. They also really like eating DONUTS together (Buckeye Donuts was their go-to place), so I made sure that we stopped by the donut shop to get some shots! (read: eat donuts). The donut shots were especially fun. I've never tried shooting at such a cramped and crowded space, and I tried my best to avoid including other people in the pictures - it was definitely a challenge!

I couldn't help but gasp when Kyle told me that he proposed to Stephanie on new year's eve. How sweet is that?! Also, Kyle is a doctor-to-be. I think Dr.Sunshein sounds like a great name for a doctor, I bet it makes you feel less sick. 

I had so much fun shooting with these two and going around campus to recapture their special moments <3 Thank you Stephanie and Kyle for trusting me with your memories and congratulations on your engagement!! 

- MS