Life in Motion

The Internship


For the past couple of months I’ve been living in the beautiful city of Atlanta,GA and interning for a company that I’ve always dreamed of working for. Looking back, I am continually amazed and thankful for everything that my company has invested in me. Recruiters, peer advisors, counselors, fellow interns as well as other friends that I met along the way have all been wonderful contributors to this experience.

Last year I wrote a summary of what I learned during my summer internship (check it out here), and I thought it would be good to do it this year too. This is a way for me to thank you for all the contribution that you have made in my life, and also a way for me to tell you how much every little thing that you do counts in this journey. Furthermore, this post is a reminder to my future self that I will continually refer back to when I need an extra dose of encouragement!

Here we go!

1.      We won’t always like the things that life throws at us, but we gotta make the best out of it.

  • I never thought that driving for hours in traffic could be so agitating, but when you’re stuck there’s really not much you could do. Turn up the music and enjoy the ride!

2.      Take your time in adjusting to new situations; you don’t have to have it all figured out right now.

  • Going into a new job and situation can be hard, but there’s always a learning curve! Things WILL get easier. Be patient with the process.

3.      Mistakes are a learning opportunity, don’t be afraid of them.

4.      Fake it till you make it!

  • It’s okay to be an amateur at first; we all gotta start somewhere.

5.      Be confident in making decisions.

  • Our decision might or might not turn out to be right, but what’s most important is that we have chosen the best choice at that time.

6.      Find a job you love, seriously!

  • I don’t know how people survive without at least liking their job. 40+ hours per week is a lot of time to spend on something we don’t like.

7.      Passion can grow

  • I never thought I would like a career in business, let alone accounting, but this summer I learned that you can always grow into a passion. It’s a lot like buying clothes that are a little bigger in size for a two year old. As you grow you’ll find that those clothes will fit you more and more. I learned that passion is not a prerequisite for a career. Sometimes its actually a result of one.

8.      We'll never know what opportunities might come knocking at our door.

  • Someone told me once that opportunities + preparation = Success. We never know when opportunity might knock, so it’s always best to be prepared at all times.

9.      It will all work out at the end

  • No need to fret too much about anything, really. What's the worst that could happen?

10.   Mentors are our highway 

  • The fastest way to gain knowledge is to listen to someone who is much wiser than we are.

P.S : an extra thanks for those who have supported my Kickstarter campaign! The campaign also ended today.

I've never been so emotional about not going to work. This summer internship and summer experience has been incredible. If you are one of those people whom I have the privilege of meeting this summer, thank YOU for making this happen and for being a part of my learning process. I wouldn't grow as much as a person without all of you. Also, I hope our paths will cross again sometime in the future :)

- MS