Life in Motion

What I learned about Multiple Choice

For the past couple of weeks of working as an intern I've had to face many moments where I felt like I was sitting in an exam with a multiple choice question that goes like this:

Which one of these is the best one in the car industry?

a. BMW

b. Mercedes

c. Jaguar

d. Audi

I mean, how are we supposed to answer that without being very subjective  and personal,right? Your preference on which car is the best car might be different from mine. We all have different needs and different things that we are looking for in a car. Asking for your opinion on what you think is the best most likely won't help me at all, because you're not walking in my shoes, and you're not the one who is going to be driving the car; therefore you don't know what I really need in a car just as much as I don't know what you need in a car.

I think we all face moments where we must decide what's best for us without minding so much about what other people say or think. 

The key is in knowing that no matter what option you choose, no matter what car you end up buying, someone will talk about you, and comment on what you are doing, and criticize or praise you. And the great thing is that none of that matters.Because you cannot please everyone.

I am writing this to be a note of encouragement to you, and to myself in the future. It's okay if you like BMW; I might like Audi better, but hey, do what's best for you. Don't worry about the people that leave because of the life choices that you make. Instead, celebrate the people that stay despite the life choices that you make. :)