Life in Motion

I didn't Wake up Like This

I went to Roosevelt Coffeehouse again yesterday (for the fourth day in a row! That's a record). I've been studying there everyday for the past four days because all the coffee shops near campus are jammed with students that are studying for their finals. Roosevelt is located at Downtown Columbus; it's pretty hard to get there if you don't have your own private car, so not a lot of students come there during the weekdays. 

 On my way out from Roosevelt I saw a gray colored wall and thought that the wall could be a great backdrop. So i dragged my boyfriend to take pictures for me (as always).

The first shot was such a fail. My boyfriend seriously laughed his heart out when he saw the result : 

What in the world was I doing? 

What in the world was I doing? 

He took an extra shot too. This one is definitely so much better: 

YES I like this one. 

YES I like this one. 

After comparing the results I thought about discarding the first picture and keeping the second one. I didn't want to share the ugly picture with anyone. Then suddenly a thought, a kind of mid-day revelation, cane to my mind. Nowadays we are so worried about about what other people think about us through social media. We care so much about how we look in pictures; whether or not or cheeks look chubby, or whether or not our picture angle is right. We try to brush and polish and cover up our flaws. 

Not only that, we constantly compare ourselves with other people that we see over the internet although of the time we don't even know who she/he is. 

What's really annoying is that some people make it look like they are effortlessly perfect, like they just "woke up like that". I don't know about other people, but I definitely didn't wake up like that! I don't wake up with great flowy hair and shining skin. I wake up with drool all over my face and a cruella de vil styled hair. 

Life isn't always pretty.  But you know what? I think thats okay with me. Why? Because we grow the most when let ourselves be vulnerable. We learn the most when we start being honest about our flaws. I'm not perfect and that's okay 😊 I am a work in progress. 

We need to start believing that we are all unique  individuals. Comparing ourselves to the standard that other people put on us is like.. Measuring your height in mililiters instead of inches. It just doesn't work! 

This is a wonderful quote that I found at Lucky 13 salon a couple months ago when I did my balayage and hair coloring.  

Yes we should stop comparing ourselves with others.  

Yes we should stop comparing ourselves with others.  

The forest would be very quiet if only the best birds sang. Embrace your imperfection! We are perfectly imperfect 😊